January 24, 2012

IKEA Billy Bookshelves

I took a trip down to Ikea in Atlanta! So fun going down there. I really do loving driving around Atlanta! There are so many amazing buildings and fun places to go. Anyway... Back to IKEA!

So we are looking for a stylish yet functional way to store all of our fabric. So we have decided on BILLY bookcases from Ikea. They are $49.00 (the ones we want) they come in all different sizes, heights, colors, and depths. I was in love with all of their options and all of the different doors you can add on to them. You can do glass shelves instead of wood too! So many possibilites! In our next house (this current house doesn't have the space for it) but in our next house I am dying to do a whole huge living room wall full of built in white gorgeous molded shelves.

Check out this beautiful job done with the BILLY bookcases from IKEA here on Censational Girl:


Her before and After:

Check out her blog she gives the run down on exactly what you need to do it and how much it cost her! Such a great tutorial. One of many good ones from her site!

Doesn't it just make you want to run down to Ikea and grab some right now!

January 20, 2012

DIY Baskets

This is an idea I have wanted to try forever! I posted this on my personal blog last year. It's a favorite of mine so I had to share it again for anyone who might have missed it!

This DIY basket tutorial comes from http://www.marthastewart.com/

I saw this a few weeks ago and am DYING to try it! I love DIY projects that look so expensive. And this one is beautiful! I could see myself getting carried away with this one!

I just love that blue and white one!

Here's a few pictures to entice you to go read about it HERE

I can't wait to try it out! Store bought Baskets are so pricey! Plus these are just so cute, nautical-ey and

Wouldn't it be fun to spray paint the rope too? You could do fun bright colors! Seriously is it spring yet!! : )

If you decide to try it I'd love to hear your comments and see pictures on how it turned out! : )


January 16, 2012

Our up to date PRICES on our NEW blog

You can always find a list of all of our up to date prices on our blog on the top on the Tab Listed as PRICES. But we wanted to share the information in a blog post too! It seemed like the perfect FIRST post for our NEW blog!


A little about our Shop Prices:
We sell all Pillow Covers in size 18x18 with a white or cream back depending on the fabric.
But I also love doing custom orders. So If you would like a different size or double sided with the print fabric I'd be happy to do it for you!

Here are the prices for anything different than the regular 18x18 Pillow Cover with a soid white or cream back which is $14.50


Anything below 18x18 = $13.50

REGULAR 18x18 = $14.50
18.1x18.1 - 20x20 = $18.50

20.1x20.1 - 22x22 = $20.50

22.1x22.1 - 24x24 = $22.50
24.1x24.1 - 26x26 = $24.50

I also sell all Fabric in 1 yard increments for $14.00 per yard

Anything smaller than 18x18 = $16.00
18x18 = $17.00
18.1x18.1 - 20x20 = $21.00
20.1x20.1 - 22x22 = $23.00
22.1x22.1 - 24x24 = $25.00
24.1x24.1 - 26x26 = $27.00


You've all been asking! I just couldn't hold out on you any longer!! I"m so excited to introduce  LACEY PLACEY Curtains! I have them all over my house! Nothing changes a room like a new set of beautiful curtains!

-Made in Home decor weight fabric for high quality!
-Everything is hemmed with finished edges for proffessional quality and look!
-3 inch pocket hole, 3 inch bottom hem, 1 inch side seams
-Can be used with a curtain rod through pole poket or used with clip rings!

The price is currently the same for any of the 3 sizes:

50x84" 7 Feet    $149.50
50x96" 8 Feet
50x108" 9 Feet

Any size under 108 length and under 50 inches wide can be done for the same price also. So if you'd like curtains custom to fit your exact windows and height just leave your exact measurements and and email address I can reach you at in the BUYERS NOTE!

It includes 2 panels of curtains and your choice of any
 -2 18x18 Pillow covers (or smaller)
For any other sizes or requests email me TheLaceyplacey@gmail.com and I'd be happy to help!

This order takes between 2-3 weeks (possibly sooner! ) to order all the fabric and get them sewn, ironed, packaged and shipped out to you!


18x18 down feather pillow insert $13.50
(we can order other sizes we just don't keep them in stock so it will take a few extra days)


It's only $9.50 to add a monogram (up to 10 letters) to any item you ship to us or to any pillow cover you order in our shop!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me
or williamthecfo@gmail.com